Статті 18 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2015 рік

The activities and prospects of Ukrainian-Japanese Center

The activities and prospects of Ukrainian-Japanese Center told "KP" the coordinator of the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of NTU KPI "from the Japan Foundation - Japanese governmental organization, to deepen mutual understanding and cooperation between the peoples of Japan and other countries providin

To the World Intellectual Property Day 2015

April 24, 2015 at our university hosted a seminar dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day. His department had initiated construction of machine tools and machines MMI (the head of prof.

Rating of the university departments - 2014

To take account of the results of the main activities of university departments Educational Department "KPI" held the third consecutive year ranking university departments on the methodology approved methodical council "KPI".

Spring 2015 in campus

This spring in the campus occurred to be joyful and creative, amazed with different interesting events. The 21th of April was hold the competition of original song. This time it was in the open form.

Honeysuckle. In the shadow of the first building

There are a huge amount of different plants grow on the territory of our park. “When walking along the territory of KPI two times slower, it is possible to see four times more”, - noticed a colleague, observing unknown bush on the corner of the campus (from the side of the counting house).