Статті 39 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2013 рік

ACTIVE - New Project of Erasmus Mundus Programme

In July, 2013, the European Commission selected for funding the project "Atlantic Caucasus Technical universities Initiative for Valuable Education" - ACTIVE, in which our university is co-coordinator with the Warsaw Polytechnic.

Room For Children at Campus

A lot of new initiatives were conceived at KPI which then spread to other universities. One more pleasant and useful innovation is the opening of a new room for children, where student families can leave their children for a while under the care of day-care assistants.

KPI students demonstrated responsibility and solidarity

Events at Euromaydan in Kiev in the night of 30th of November stirred up the Ukrainian society. On Sunday, December 1st, in the capital of Ukraine the popular gathering was conducted, part in which took, according to various estimates, from 800.000 to 1.5 million people.