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Issue № 35 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2013 year

Address by the Rector of NTU "KPI" Academician of NAS of Ukraine Michael Zgurovsky on opening the Week of energy efficiency in "KPI"

Кампус КПІ. Тепловізійна зйомка 16 гуртожитку (північна сторона)

Dear teachers, researchers and students of KPI! For the second year The Week of energy efficiency is carried out in KPI.

Girl in the colors of autumn

Фото. Цуканова Аліса

In the gorgeous palette of autumn everyone chooses colors which are preferable for us. So women faces: the soft- spring , luxurious, mysterious . Why mysterious ? This is not revealed immediately. Quick look cover image, attentive – details, inquisitive - character.

9th of November - the day of Ukrainian literature and language. Ukrainian language environment in KPI: at the beginning

Документи КПІ. 1923-1924-ті роки. Посвідки

For every man its language – is the best, the most moving and this is a common knowledge . Language is an invaluable treasure of the people, the most important chronicle of life.

Exhibition of professions "KPI invites to cooperation"

2013.10.31 Exhibition of professions "KPI invites to cooperation"

The traditional exhibition of professions "KPI invites to cooperation" was held at NTUU "KPI" on October 31.

To the 70th anniversary of Kyiv liberation from fascist aggressors. Fight for Dnipro

1943.11.01 Fight for Dnipro

Strategic offensive operation (August - December, 1943) which received in the history the name "Fight for Dnipro" was one of the brightest pages of the Great Patriotic War.


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