Weekly newspaper “Kyiv Politechnic”

The newspaper “Kyiv Politechnic” is published since April 21, 1927. Editing:

  • The main editor: - D.L. Stefanovich
  • Leading editors: - V.M. Ignatovych, N.E. Libert

Address: Street. Polytechnic, 14, building №16, room №126 (2nd floor).
Phone: (044) 204-85-95, digest of Kyiv Polytechnic

Outstanding mathematician Eugene Viktorovskyy

The second year the chair of mathematical analysis and theory of probability FMF and State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI" conduct joint seminars to devoted distinguished mathematicians who worked in the KPI. Gone seminars to devoted Zmorovych, OS Smohorzhevsky, YD Sokolov.

National Day of Labour Protection

Seeking to draw the attention of the international community to create appropriate conditions for a person on the basis of priority of life and health, International Labour Organization (ILO) annually celebrates the World Day of Labour Protection.

Terms of use fireworks during the holidays

During holidays, there are many beautiful fireworks, and each of us can become pyrotechnic. We must remember that careless handling fireworks can pose a threat to life and can lead to accidents.