Scientific and methodological bases of integrated quality monitoring of training in NTUU "KPI", the first round of which was held in autumn of 2005, laid the basis for the respective systems research conducted by the University, since 1992. The major ones:

  • large-scale natural pedagogical experiment to identify the parameters of the processes of accumulation and dissipation of student learning and the formation of the basis of the system of quality management strategies of the educational process;
  • study the nature of the formation of residual knowledge and development of complex monitoring as a residual knowledge as one of the most important indicators of the quality of the educational process as a whole;
  • study the effect of factors on the complex nature of the processes of accumulation and dissipation of knowledge;
  • forming the bank of the basic diagnostic tasks, professionally - oriented, professional and humanities, the development of appropriate diagnostic technologies;
  • study of interdisciplinary processes of accumulation and dissipation of students’ knowledge;
  • continuous development of information technology system - comprehensive diagnostic quality of training;
  • development of methods of identification "trajectory" movement university student in the educational field for the entire chain of preparation: pre-university preparation → -> university studies → -> → postgraduate training;
  • development of methods of sociological research quality of professionals' training based on the analysis reviews the labor market;
  • development and research of pre-university training as a major phase of optimal initial conditions of the process of training in general.
  1. Order of Conducting comprehensive monitoring as a form of rectorial quality control training in the fields of NTUU "KPI»
  2. method of the key indicators integrated monitoring the quality of training in NTU "KPI»
    1. 2.1. Key Indicators
    2. 2.2. notation and basic formulas
    3. 2.3. list of variables that are set in each round of comprehensive monitoring
    4. 2.4. questionnaire survey of the labor market (index p (8))

index of the quality of training for each specialty is determined by a formula approved by the Academic Council of the University:



  • - index of the quality of residual knowledge of the rectorial control;
  • - Quality Index theses (projects);
  • - index of the quality of training for the labor market reviews;
  • - cumulative index;
  • - cumulative index of the quality of professionals’ training.