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Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment (KIVRA), RTF

Address:03056, Ukraine, Kuiv, st. Polytechnique 12, housing №17, Radio Faculty Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. phone: +38 044 241-86-87, +38 044 204-92-93.

Training of bachelors

Congratulations to the winners of All-Ukrainian Video Contest “Visiting Card of my university”!

Кампус КПІ. ЦКМ

According to the results the All-Ukrainian Video Contest "Visiting Card of my university", which ended recently, the students of our faculty department of radio design and electronic radio equipment manufacture Glebov D.A, Onischuk I.S. and Danchuk A.O.

Clear liquids quickly and effectively

Ультразвуковий проточний кавітатор

Every time preparing materials for certain research and development performed in the CPI, to be amazed by the variety of directions and themes. That people know about cavitator? A small group of experts, and possibly motorists.


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