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The mountaineering competitions

2019.02.24 The mountaineering competitions

On February 24 the representative team of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on sports tourism participated in the city competitions on technique of mountaineering on snow and ice distances "Snizhny bars".

FSP students have won in professional competition

2018.11.24-25 II National Anti-Corruption Court Competition

The staff of the Faculty of Sociology and Law congratulates the student of the magistracy Maria Kulyasha and the graduate of the bachelor's degree, Yuriy Myronenko, with the victory in the National Anti-corruption Court Competition.

IV Diplomatic Cup of Nordic Skiing

2018.01.28 IV Кубок Дипломатичних місій з бігових лиж

On January, 28, the KPI held traditional competition in cross-country skiing among the representatives of diplomatic missions, representatives of international companies, and the others – Diplomatic Cup of Nordic Skiing.

Student Basketball Party!

2017.12.14 змагання з баскетболу серед чоловічих студентських команд вищих навчальних закладів

At the Igor Sikorsky KPI sports complex basketball competitions completed on December 14 among male student teams of universities for the Student Trade Union Association of Kyiv.

Kyiv November

2017.11.24-26  змагання "Київський листопад"

Last weekend of the last month of autumn. For someone it's a regular holiday, but all tourists of Kyiv know: it's a "red day of the calendar." For the eighth consecutive year, the tourist club "Globus"of Igor Sikorsky KPI  organizes and conducts competitions "Kyiv November".

"Labyrinth - Spring 2017"

2017.05.20-21 "Labyrinth - Spring 2017"

You can find many epithets: favorite, long-awaited, funny, unpredictable, heated, dedicated - and all this will be about it - "Labyrinth".

Shaping Competition 2017

2017.04.12 Змагання з шейпінгу

On 12 April 2017 about 70 young girls from FBE, FMF, FL, XTF, FMM, FEL, ITS, FAKS, IPT, FIOT, FSP, VPI, IASA, FBT, IEE, RTF, ZF and TEF tool part in the Shaping Competition according to the KPI Spartakiad program. The main purpose of the competition is promoting sports and healthy lifestyle.

Third Diplomatic Mission Cross-Country Skis Cup

2016.01.29 Третій Кубок Дипломатичних місій з бігових лиж

In January, 29 regular visitors of Igor Sikorsky KPI Park for a while became fans and some of them even participants of skiing competition. This time fans of skiing competed for Diplomatic mission cross-country skis.

Competitions in gymnastics 2016

2016.04.20-21 змагання зі  спортивної гімнастики в рамках спартакіади

In the sports complex of our university on April 20-21, competitions in gymnastics were held within as a part of the NTUU "KPI" Spartakiade. According to experts, the KPI is the only higher educational institution in Ukraine, where such competitions are held.

Labyrinth - Spring 2016

2016.05.13-15 змагання "Лабіринт", команда переможців "Покемони"

Every spring and autumn "KPI" campus provides sports and travel game "Labyrinth", which is looking forward to the students. And this spring is no exception. On the 13-15 of May 18 teams 180 members in total arrived at the base of the WTO "Polytechnic" where competitions were held.



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