Educate highly qualified professionals and patriots [2014]

Educational work at the University is carried out in accordance with the objectives set out by "Development Strategy NTUU" KPI "for the period 2012-2020," and aims to accelerate entry into the European educational space.

The main activities of the department of educational work in 2014 were: academic work, providing scholarship, academic mobility, social, cultural, scientific work, athletic training, the development of information space, safety on campus and others.

Educational work

Last year, our university became the home for more than 350 students from universities of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In particular, we provide access to training more than 100 students from the Crimea. Now 90 of them are our students.

Daily Department together with the deans need to solve non-standard questions related to the lack of certain documents from students, to coordinate with the Ministry the process of their moving, together with the campus and social services solve the problem of settlement, to promote rapid adaptation to training.

Events in the country, of course, affected the educational discipline students in the spring semester of last year. Given the circumstances, there was carried out only one certification, which showed a decrease of learning results. 69% of students passed the summer session successfully, 5-6% less than in previous years. The total number of full-time students who participated in the summer session, was 17,479 people, of whom 2272 - contractors.

Student performance is almost unchanged and is as follows: the proportion “the best” is about 8% of the total number of students, the percentage of "well" - about 30%. It is increased slightly compared to last year, the proportion of students with an average level of achievement - 58%.

In view of the general situation, it was given a much larger number of individual schedules delivery of the session - 195, of which 89 - to newly arrived students from the Crimea.

A flexible approach has allowed to increase the number of learning results - the number of excluded at the end of the spring semester even slightly decreased: the total number of excluded for the spring semester totaled 817 students, 688 of them - on the results of the session.

The fall semester began with the new challenges. Since the beginning of the semester and until the beginning of the winter session we received a large number of requests to transfer students from universities in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. We have granted access to such training 304 students.

Experience with the adaptation of the Crimea student helped to work on the adaptation of these students to the educational process. It was conducted the sociological poll among the students, studied their overall performances and needs. 223 students were enrolled in the KPI.


Analysis of the results of the border and semester control in the fall semester showed that we were able to adapt to difficult socio-political conditions and continue  provide qualitied educational process. The results of appraisals fall semester show that although the percentage of students certified in all subjects, less than last year, but the share of unsuccessful students are also smaller.

Total number of students who participated in the winter session is 20,256 people, including 2,538 contractors.

Overall, the results of the winter session in comparing with previous years, were satisfactory. Number of students time to fully accounted for the winter session, is more than last year. And the dynamics of success is generally positive. Through objective circumstances, 130 students were given individual schedule for the session.

According to the results of the winter session it was analyzed the exclusion of the students. In the fall semester of this academic year, even against the increasing the numbers of students, the number of excluded is less (1,046 people) than last year.


Traditionally there are more exclusions from 1, 2, and 5-year students. A significant number of  the fifth year students is a consequence of the increase number of students from other universities entering the KPI for training in "specialist" and "master" and they could not withstand the high requirements to the level of knowledge at our university.

The number of foreign students to the beginning of the academic year was 372 people. Department together with the Department of linguistics adopted measures to increase the level of teaching Ukrainian and foreign languages by ​​these students. Today in the KPI there were learned representatives of 43 countries of the world. It mainly citizens of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, China, Ecuador, Kazakhstan. Learning results of foreigners show that, in general, the students fully master the training programs and plans, and as a result have a quality education.

Providing students with scholarship

As of January 1, 2015 83% of students receive scholarships, and that is 15,086 people. 249 students orphans, the disabled, needy and students with children receive social grants.

More than 190 students receive the named scholarships (the President, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, the rector), another 31 people - personal scholarships.

 Student academic mobility

By the end of 2014 the total number of students studying abroad is 171, which is slightly less than last year. Decrease in 2014 was happened due to a reduction of the budget program MES "100 + 100 + 100", as well as the decrease in the number of projects of the educational program of the European Union ERASMUS MUNDUS.

However, our university is one of the leading universities in the number of Ukrainian projects ERASMUS MUNDUS, under which they are currently studying and training abroad 46 students and teachers of the KPI.

In 2014, the KPI has received a grant under the new program ERASMUS +. Pleased to note that the project has become a partner of our university's sister - Warsaw University of Technology. The aim of the project is to develop the English language training courses in the specialty "Information Security".

Social work

Student social service together with social educators of hostels are pursuing an active social work on campus. They are involved in a number of social and preventive, social, psychological, educational and charitable activities. This, in particular, the promotion of donation, the program "Control your sugar and pressure," testing for HIV and hepatitis.

In the structure of the department it operates Career Development Center with cooperates with more than 80 companies. Department twice a year organized the Job Fair, where last year alone more than 8,000 students received advice on the future employment of the representatives of more than 60 companies and organizations.

The Department, together with the administration of the campus provides accommodation in a hostel KPI. Now there are living in the dorms about 12, 5 thousand students including almost 230 those who moved from the area ATO and the Crimea.

Cultural work

A special place in the university is taken by cultural work. Our department also involved in this work. Cultural work emphasizes the image and creates a special coloring to student and faculty life in the KPI. Much of it is done by Cultural Arts Center, where there were performed 135 scheduled events.

Among the significant events we would like to highlight the freshmen Day, festivals of art song, "League of KVN" KPI "- Rector's Cup" contest "Queen of KPI", "Mr. KPI", an exhibition of creativity of students and teachers "Talents KPI" and others are already known and traditional for KPI community events.

They are known not only in university, but also in Ukraine and abroad the creative teams of amateur performances, in particular, the variety theater lovers "ETA", which celebrated its 55th anniversary.

In 2014, it began its life student project Art Space "Tower KPI", which is a platform for creative and artistic projects. The year of its activity - this is 9,000 visitors, 15 master classes, 7 exhibitions , 3 concerts.  There is a work now on its expansion.

Under the auspices of the Department it operates Center Consolidation students who organizes and conducts a variety of activities. It was created there groups of chess game, Go, the club of intellectual games, film club and several others.

The cultural work in inseparable from social and volunteer projects. In May 2014 at the Exhibition Hall of the 7th corps department it was opened a patriotic exhibition "Maidany and KPI", which in June has been demonstrated in the Ukrainian Center of the Ukrainian Embassy in France.

By students, volunteers it was readjusted a jeep for the needs of military personnel in the area ATO.


Physical Education and Sport

Special attention at the University is given to sports education, resulting in promotion of healthy lifestyles and high achievements in sports, confirming the results of the competition for the best state of physical education in high schools of  Kiev in 2014, where the KPI won first place.

At the university there is a sports and Technology Center "Kiev Polytechnic", which includes 7 sports clubs, attended by more than 500 students, "Polytech-basket" (basketball), " Polytechnic " (soccer), "Talisman "(sport aerobics and fitness)," Typhoon "(unarmed combat)," Globe "(tourism)," Atlantis "(scuba diving)," Rugby Polytechnic ".

In 2014, 88 students KPI became the winners of championships and cups of Ukraine, international competitions and tournaments - 13 students and one student won the world championship.

Traditional for KPI community it has become a sports day for the following sports: football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, weightlifting and others.

There were created by students playgrounds on the territory of the campus, updated playground at the recreation center "Polytechnic".

The scientific work of students

The Department is actively involved in the organization of I and II stage of Ukrainian scientific competitions. In 2014, on the basis of university there were carried out the second stages of the seven competitions, including - newly organized Competition "Design of printing production."

KPI students in 2014 took part in 47 Ukrainian student competition, 33 received diplomas of various degrees.

The student IME Igor Tkach became the winner of the International Student Olympiad "CAD and computer modeling in engineering" in 2014.

In KPI there are 44 student scientific and technical groups, it is acting Scientific Society undergraduate and graduate students KPI. There were successfully implemented projects: Summer School AASIMR opened lectures with participation of foreign scientists, SoloWay - meetings with famous Ukrainians. It was implemented the cooperation with a number of foundations and research companies such as DAAD, Fulbright, fund Bogdan Hawrylyshyn, Greencubator and others.


In July 2014 for the ninth time it was successfully held an open ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest "KPI Open 2014".

With the support of the Department of Engineering and sports team "KPI" "Formula Student KPI" is now actively working on the creation of a racing car.

Educational Department in conjunction with the Department of perspective development coordinates the work of students organizations: Student Council, trade union, student council campus.

The Department includes the military mobilization department. This year, apart from the usual functional responsibilities of the department, namely of registration and deregistration of military service, and that 14,700 people, due to extraordinary circumstances in the country there were added other duties. For example, it was carried out a training meeting for mobilization of reservists and alert service of process in accordance with the requirements of Solomianskyi RVC. At present, in the area of ​​ATO there are serving 14 university employees.

The Department also coordinates the work of Civil Defense. Last year, it was carried out the training event for action in emergency situations, to improve the system alerts.

In the structure of the department is functioning community groups for the protection of public order NTUU "KPI", which, in cooperation with law enforcement district and the city provides the protection of public order in the academic buildings, dormitories and on campus. Daily duty is carried out by 80-90 members of community groups.

A page of the formation is created in the social network, where the students are informed about the law and order in the campus.

Department for the protection of public order totals 660 people. They are students and university staff, including  45 new students from Donetsk and Luhansk provinces and Crimea.

At the beginning of the school year, it was reorganized the Public Staff formation: to create new departments, such as IT surveillance.

In the autumn of 2014 due to the worsening crime situation in Kiev in general and on campus in particular,  it was held a meeting in KPI with law enforcement bodies of the district, representatives of community groups and student activists. It was chaired by the Rector As a result, there were gained the algorithm and the structure of the system of interaction of law enforcement agencies and community groups to maintain proper order on campus. This reduced the number of offenses in the territory of the KPI.

Together with law enforcement community groups provided policing during the election of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada deputies and city council at the polling stations of the district.

Information space

A great attention in the university was always paid to the expansion of the information space. For example, in 2014 the rector's order in the structure of the department it was created Department of Information Management - Media Center, which functionally subordinate the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic", the press center, the Radio KPI and the KPI  TV.

Long-term activity of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" is known to many generations KPI students and stuff by its outstanding publications. The editorial staff of the newspaper at the same time serves as the press service of the University.

For three years it is working the radio KPI - a successful student project which increases the circle of supporters.

KPI TV - a new student media project, whose goal is to bring young students to events and life in the university. Now there were broadcasted the stories and reports about the life of the kPI, live broadcasts from the scene of important events, the author’s programs. The most popular of them are "KPIEda", "KPImuzika", "KPInauka", "KPIToday".

Department of educational work thanks for the fruitful cooperation of administration, colleagues from other departments and structural departments of the University, as well as trade union and student activists.

Special thanks go to Deputy Director of Institute and deans on educational work.

Only together we can overcome any challenges and achieve better results in the preparation of highly moral, highly educated and highly skilled professionals.

Good luck to us all along the way!

From the report Vice-Rector for educational work, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. P.A. Kyrychok at a meeting of the Academic Council of March 2, 2015