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Civil defense

Civil Protection, Safety and Occupational Health in Danish folk school

в данській народній школі

Four months last year I studied in Denmark elementary school "Silkeborg hojskole." The study was organized within the framework of the youth leadership development. I represented Ukraine on behalf of the youth organization «Club» Compass».

How to act in emergency situations

2015.10.27 спеціальне об'єктове тренування цивільного захисту з питань дії органів управління

The occupation of the territory of Ukraine  is the probable escalation of the conflict in the east of the state, worsening of social and political situation, the high level of terrorist and subversive threats in  Kiev determines the necessity for training of civil protection.

Civil defense: a training

2014.10.16 проведено тренування

According to the plan of training of civil defense of the University a special training was held at October, 16.

To prevent, to save, to help! 17 of September the rescuer Day!

День  рятівника

In Ukraine it celebrates the Day of the rescuer at 17 of September defined by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

To the rescuer day 2009

До дня рятівника 2009

September 17 Ukraine celebrates the Day of rescuer - a professional holiday of civil defense (Civil Protection) population - emergency services, fire protection and other special groups that are directly involved in the emergency response of technogenic and natural disasters.

What threatens Kyiv citizens. Alerts and people actions

Сигнали оповіщення та дії населення

Each country, region, big cities, especially capitals may be characterized by their profoundly individual level of life safety.


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