Quit smoking!!!

Everyone knows about the harm caused by smoking. The fact that smoking kills is shown on warning labels on every pack of cigarettes.


The usage of alcohol causes euphoria, soul satisfaction, stress relief. It can be explained by the effect of alcohol on human’s brain – the centers, which connected with emotions, are slowed down. The intoxication of organism is caused by ethanol (C2H2OH).

Internet addiction and its roots

Internet addiction is one of the species of dependent behavior, along with alcohol, drug addiction, gambling games and etc. Unlike alcohol and drug addiction, Internet addiction entirely contained in mental health (physiological dependence is not formed).

What should we know about drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a disease which is caused by a systematic use of the substances put on the list of drugs, and evidenced itself in psychic and physical dependence on them.

Smoking kills!

There is no need to list all the facts so that a sensible person may find out the harm of smoking. Firstly, about 25% of smokers die of cancer, heart diseases or a stroke.