Educational TV studio: Materials science

Construction polymer composite materials

Modern technology development level demands creation of new materials with new properties. This movie tells about the advantages of construction polymer composite materials, their utilization, production techniques and composition.

Material fatigue

The movie focuses on the process of material fracture resulting from their “fatigue”. It points out the main strength criteria. It tells about the reasons and the properties of material ageing, and the ways of controlling this process. You will also learn about the ways of material ageing measurement and characterization of materials at the molecular level.  

Methods of material strength testing

The movie demonstrates practical strength tests for different materials. It studies tests for certain material properties using appropriate methods. You will also learn about theoretical basics of such tests and their purpose.

Polymorphic metal transformation

This movie tells about the notion of polymorphism. It shows the examples and touches upon the properties of such transformation. Special attention is paid on polymorphic metal transformation and the properties of this transformation. It also examines the nature of polymorphism.

The law of mutual transformation of quantitative and qualitative changes

This movie tells about quantitative and qualitative properties of different materials. You will learn about the notion of material quality and quantity, the difference between these categories and dependence of quantity on quality.

Metals and alloys recrystallization

The movie tells about the metal crystal composition, about the properties of metals with different structure and about using this knowledge in practice.

Structural analysis with the consideration of ductile properties of materials

The movie tells about using in practice certain laws of motion, ductility and elasticity of different materials, and about the ways of measuring these characteristics and the purpose it.

Electroslag technology

The movie tells about the technology of producing high quality metals and welding constructions using the heat of slag bath resulting from electric current flowing through it. It also tells about using it in practice.

Gray, ductile and high-tensile cast iron alloys

The movie tells about the structure and composition of cast iron and about the dependence of their properties on certain composition. It demonstrates the methods of affecting cast iron composition in the process of its casting.

The movies are based on the movie library of Teaching Aid Office of NTUU “KPI”.