Educational TV studio: Chapters of history [welding, mathematics, cosmonautics]

Where Welding Began

There are many bright chapters in the history of welding. The movie tells about the first of them – the history of welding machine creation by Mykola Benardos. The movie is in English.

The Family of Scientists

Many years of his life, Yevhen Paton devoted to bridge engineering. His passion to electric welding developed suddenly. He was in his 50s. Basics of modern electric arc welding were created in Paton’s small laboratory, which later became an institute. Borys Paton inherited his father’s helm. His second son – Volodymyr – took on creation of high-tech welding equipment. You can learn about modern electric welding development and its achievements in a movie “The Family of Scientists”.

Welding Capital

Paton Electric Welding Institute of NAS of Ukraine is the first and the biggest world’s center for studies in welding engineering. The movie demonstrates its achievements.

Academician Kravchuk’s Golgotha

The movie is about the life of world-known mathematician Mykhailo Kravchuk, his fighting against misfortune, his achievements and discoveries, especially about his work in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Feeling the Sky

The movie is about Sergii Korolov’s life: defeats, misunderstandings, achievements; about his way to a rocket creation; about the role of the individual in history of engineering, and, in particular, about those who sets a task, those who implement it and those who are responsible for setting a problem and solving it.

The First People on Mars

Scientists state that dreams about flies to Mars will have become true by 2030. However, few people know that the first rocket for such expedition was created in 1968. There is a unique chronicle marked as “Confidential Information” left in the archive of S. P. Korolov RSC Energia. You will see those cadres in the movie proposed.

The World Consists of Stars and People

In letters to his wife Korolov spoke about his feelings, that he never expressed being among his colleagues. About anxiety and tiredness, despair and inspiration. These letters are an excellent manual for an enterpriser as they reveal the thoughts of the person who managed to unite a large amount of people to make real a great concept – space exploration – with no margin for error. All this is shown in a movie “The World Consists of Stars and People”.