Recently, the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute hosted a sports competition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the university. The Spartakiad was held in five disciplines: bowling, streetball, chess, volleyball and mini-football. Teams competed in each of these disciplines, and the faculty/institute that scored the most points after all the tournaments was named the winner of the KPI 2023 Spartakiad. The correspondent of "Kyiv Polytechnic" spoke with the chairman of the student trade union Ihor Stepaniuk about the sports day and its results. It was he and his deputy Andrii Horobets who organized the event.

- Tell us more about the sports day and its participants.

- During the week, about 20 teams and more than 500 participants competed on the KPI sports grounds. I would like to point out that this year's sports day was attended by much more athletes than the last "dockyard" in 2019. And this is despite the fact that some students are now studying remotely. In my opinion, students really missed sports activities, which have been very few in the last 3 years due to COVID-19 and martial law. Chess players set a kind of record: 68 students took part in the competition, and this is the highest number in the last 10 years. And much more girls than in previous years competed on a par with boys, in particular in football and streetball. It is worth noting the assistance of the KPI sports complex in organizing the sports day.

The first place was won by the team of ISZZI, which won in four out of five disciplines - bowling, chess, volleyball, and mini-football. I think that the team won primarily due to the systematic approach to its formation from the participants of the competition. The second place went to the students of the ITS, who also showed themselves very well, with many prizes and two teams in the semifinals of the football tournament! The third place went to the FIOT. The winners received medals, cups, diplomas, as well as certificates for the production of souvenirs with their logos. These awards may seem very modest, but under martial law, the main expenses go to support military students.

- Are the best student-athletes expected to participate in further competitions, for example, at the city level?

- A new season of the Kyiv City Student Olympics will open soon and will last throughout the academic year. We are already forming a team to participate in the chess tournament. We will select student-athletes primarily based on the results shown at our sports day. Thus, we will help to form KPI teams in a particular discipline to participate in city competitions.

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5 sports, about 20 teams and only 3 winners.

For a whole week, teams from different faculties competed for the title of the most athletic.
🎥 Find out about the winners of the Spartakiad and the impressions of the participants in the video.

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