Today, April 7, 2022, a number of urgent issues were considered at the regular meeting of the Methodological Council, aimed at solving problems related to the resumption of the educational process under the legal regime of martial law and the conduction of the future final certification.

The issue of replacing the bachelor's certification form in 2022 based on the results of the student survey was on the agenda among others. According to the submission of the heads of educational units, it was established that students studying in 67 bachelor educational programs (out of 123 in which graduation is planned), stated their willingness to change the execution of the degree work for the attestation exam.

In particular, the following proposal was considered: if the vast majority of graduates chose the exam as the form of attestation, but there were several people in the group who had already executed the degree work, allow these students to report the results of the completed work on the exam, and put a grade for the exam. In this case, it would be possible to indicate the fact of carrying out an "individual research project" (not a bachelor's one) in the "additional information" column in their diploma supplement.

Another model, which could be only used as an exception for educational and professional programs that had a valid certificate of accreditation of the specialty (not the educational program), was proposed for those situations when, based on the results of the survey, students and the department of the educational and professional program did not reach a consolidated decision on the form of certification. It was about the possibility for the part of students who want to write a bachelor's thesis, to leave everything as it was. And the other part would be transferred to the newly created educational program according to their applications. The new program would differ from the previous one only in the scope of the pre-graduation internship and the form of the final certification.

The need to take into account the students’ opportunities to participate in the educational process and to provide opportunities to carry it out in a synchronous or asynchronous form was once again emphasized for the members of the Methodological Council.

In addition, issues were considered and decisions were made regarding:

🔹 simplification of the accreditation of non-formal/informal education proceeding under the legal regime of martial law. In particular, it was allowed to accredit the studies during the semester, restrictions on the amount of credits within the academic year were removed, and studies were simplified;

🔹 changes to the procedure and deadlines for choosing disciplines by students for 2022/2023 owing to the changes in the schedule of the educational process due to the setting up the martial law.