Kateryna Hilevych promotes Science Among Students

People choose the profession differently - when they are curious, for the company, or by accident. There is one more way of getting into the profession - when you have motivation and achieve your aim. Kateryna Hilevych, a fifth-year student of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IEE), who got awarded a scholarship by the President of Ukraine this semester, is one of the latter. The girl is happy to tell her story: “My specialty is Electrical Engineering, Electrical Technology, and Electromechanics. I became interested in energy as a child because my dad and grandfather worked in this important field. I have always wanted the contribution of my relatives and their colleagues to the development of society to be valued more and become more absorbing for other people. Therefore, since school, I knew for sure that I would develop the approach covering all areas of human activity, for instance: studying and using energy resources to produce, transforming, transmitting and distributing various types of energy.”

At the University, Kateryna not only masters the profession but also learns how to become an independent and responsible person. She also develops skills of working in a team, making decisions, and taking responsibility for them. “Thanks to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, I learned to solve complex problems and situations that shape me not only as a specialist but as a person,” she shares. “The University allowed me to test myself and my knowledge, to discover new directions for development. As for distance learning, it turned out a competitive challenge – now I know what self-discipline is and feel responsible to myself and my teachers. I am deeply grateful to my supervisor and Associate Professor Denys Derevianko. Together we have prepared several publications addressing the development of renewable energy sources, electricity storage, lightning protection of solar power plants, etc. We develop and promote scientific work among students in the science club of the Department of Electricity Supply “Smart Grid system with sources of distributed generation”. By the way, her words do not differ from the deeds. In 2019, all the science club participants prepared reports for the international conference “Warsaw Power Engineering Students' Conference”.

It seems that Kateryna makes her sense of the concept of leisure. “In my free time, I improve my qualification as a specialist. I also take part in scientific projects, marathons, hackathons, conferences.”
Deputy Director of the IEE Department of Student Affairs, Associate Professor Vadym Tkachenko, tells in detail about the student's achievements: “Kateryna Hilevych is a diligent student. Participation in the work of the science club helps her promote science among students. She is the Head and true leader of the science club. In 2019, she formed a team and took it to the international conference “Warsaw Power Engineering Students' Conference”. Her scientific publications, reports at international scientific and technical conferences, national and international projects are results of her research. In 2020, she got engaged in the All-Ukrainian project “NNEGC Online School “Energoatom”, USAID Energy Security Project, IEEE International Conference, USAID International Project on EmPOWERing Women and Girls, and others. Students and teachers respect her because they know how hard she works. Kateryna is a mature person and a leader who has a vision of the development of science and educational leisure of students.”

The student wants to do many new projects and challenges soon, “I am sure I am just making only the first steps in my achievements and research. I want to improve the science club of our department. Also, I want to hold a fascinating energy project-marathon that would capture and unite students of energy faculties at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.” The desire to create, confidence, and inspiration are the keys to success. Let your plans come true, young researchers of the IEE.