Congratulations to the winners of the XIV Olympiad on circuit theory "TEC'2021" !!!

On November 23d, 2021, the XIV Open Student Circuit Theory Olympiad was held, which is annually held by the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Faculty of Electronics and is dedicated to the memory of Professor Vitaliy Sigorsky, an outstanding scientist and pedagog who worked at our university from 1964 till 2007. The Olympiad was held on-line and students of the technical faculties of NTUU "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" took part in it.
The winners are:

І place – Dmytro Zaruba ( Faculty of Electronics),
ІI place – Bogdana Kalyuga (Faculty of Electronics),
IIІ place – Polina Golodyayeva (Faculty of Radio Engineering).

We thank everyone for participating in the Olympiad and for the high results achieved. We invite you to the XV Circuit Theory Olympiad TEK'2022, which will take place in November next year.

[23.11.2021 / 16:10-18:10] XIV Circuit Theory OLYMPIAD ТЕК’2021

We invite you to participate in the XIV Circuit Theory Olympiad "TEK'2021", dedicated to the memory of
Professor Vitaliy Sigorsky.

The Olympiad is organized by the Electronics Department of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
on November 23-d, 2021 from 16:10 till 18:10 GMT+2.

You can join the Olympiad as early as 15:50 here

The olympiad problems will be shared at 16:10.

We ask to get registered in advance here

The prizes are waiting for winners!