Every year the thousands of staff members of Kyiv Polytechnic is replenished with inquisitive and motivated students who acquire professional knowledge in a few years and successfully present our university at all-Ukrainian and international student events, confirming its leading position in the ranking of domestic Higher Education Institutions. 

In 2018, Yevhen Dymarchuk entered the doors of the Department of Aircraft and Rocket Engineering. Now he not only studies well (average grade point average 96), but also participates in research and development of the department, in particular in the projects "Local positional navigation system of increased reliability" and "Adaptively controlled aerospace structures and technologies based on intelligent and structured metamaterials" . In the second year he took first place in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Mathematical Olympiad  within the first stage of the All-Ukrainian Mathematical Olympiad for students of higher education institutions of Ukraine.

Last year, the team "K.I.S.S.” from IAT, which included Yevhen, was ahead of 28 regional teams and won the local stage of the NASA Space Apps Challenge. Their "Make it simple" project was dedicated to improving the aircraft's board system by minimizing the aircraft's wired communication networks.

In May 2019, Yevhen, as part of the local group of students EUROAVIA KPI Kyiv, took part in the 60th International Congress EMEAC of the European Association of Aerospace Students EUROAVIA. Polytechnics presented their activities, achievements of the university and the entire aerospace industry of Ukraine in general. According to the results of the voting, the local group EUROAVIA KPI Kyiv was accepted into the organization. 

Oleksiy Pikenin, Deputy Director of the IAT for Educational Work, speaks respectfully about the student: “Yevhen takes an active part in the public activities of the university and the institute. In particular, in the organization and holding of the Festival "TechnoART KPI", the Open Days of IAT and the university, he was a volunteer of the Startup School "Sikorsky Challenge", represented the institute at the Festival "IT Fest" in Zaporizhia. Therefore, it is quite natural that Y. Dymarchuk was awarded a nominal scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The student does not see anything special in his achievements: he just works and enjoys what he is interested in. But he does not forget to thank his supervisor, mentor and just a good man Olexandr Petrovych Marynoshenko: "It was he who always helped me in difficult questions or situations.”

Yevhen speaks willingly and emotionally about his dreams and preferences: "Passion... First of all, it's the sky, aviation and engineering, I'm just a fan of it. It's really cool to understand the principles of operation of certain mechanisms and units. I really like to travel, sitting still is a big problem for me. I often travel on my own, even without company. It's hard to find an equally adventurous person who has chosen a destination today and gone there the next day. “ The traveller is a fan of travelling "on two fast wheels". In his opinion, it is impossible not to admire these works of engineering thought - motorcycles are fast, reliable and surprisingly beautiful, as if reflecting the identity of its owner. And the young man captures what he saw and experienced during his travels on photographic film. Yes, this is another of his hobbies. 

To the younger colleagues the fellow wishes self-belief, persistence and confidence - "to stand on the end". And we wish him new accomplishments and interesting journeys.