The representatives of defense sector have met with the scientists of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

This is the first meeting after the establishment of the Ministry of Strategic Fields of Industry Affairs. The meeting took place in the Committee of Military-Industrial Complex by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine with the participation of the “League of Defense Companies of Ukraine”. The participants of the conference formed set of urgent problems, which require immediate solvation, and agreed on initiating a meeting with the newly elected Vice-Prime Minister.

Mustafa Neyyem, the Deputy General Director of Ukrainian Defense Industry “UkrOboronProm”, says: “I believe it is right that we decided to address the Vice-Prime Minister today with our complex issues, which require solvation immediately. Firstly, a new law on defense procurement is adopted and it constantly changes the procedure of the procurement in defense sphere, in relations between customers and manufacturers particularly. All the by-laws, which are yet absent, should be prepared for it, as we would like to work according to new legislation. Another question is the functionality of the new ministry. We hope that somebody will begin to form policy in this sphere and we will have protection of a national manufacturer. The main thing is that we will not face an attitude to the manufacturers of weapon and armament as to people who just earn money. This is a business which defends our country, it is the image of Ukraine and, finally, the portrayal of our country in the international arena.

Yulia Vysotska, the External Affairs Director of the “League of Defense Companies of Ukraine” Public Union, says: “The League of Defense Companies of Ukraine, as a union of private companies of defense sector, have been addressing to the authorities and government for more than three years in order to appoint a vice-prime minister who would be concerned with our sphere. It is related to the fact that the majority of questions, which require immediate solvation in our sphere, can not be solved by one minister, no matter if it is a minister of defense or a minister of finance. That is why we believe that the best decision is to elect a vice-prime minister who would be concerned with us. Fortunately, a line ministry is established“.

Yuri Yekhanurov, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the “League of Defense Companies of Ukraine” Public Union, says: “This meeting was very important because we had to be in a constant contact with the scientists and entrepreneurs. The main questions arise in regard of the new Ministry of Strategic Fields of Industry Affairs and the position of vice-prime minister of defense. There is a hope that there will be established an agency of defense technologies. Probably, it would be a break-through and we have to work for such a structure to be established. The coordination of actions and spheres of production by the Ministry of defense, as the main customer of Ukraine, is important. I want our scientists and manufacturers to feel that we are capable of being world leaders.”

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