The University will protect its professional reputation in court

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute referred a claim to the Kyiv Commercial court against broadcasters who spread doubtful information about his activities (PJSC "Television and Radio Company Lux" and LLC "Information Agency 24"), professional reputation protection, refutation of ineligible information and non-pecuniary damage.

Based on and guided by articles 32, 34, 68 of the Constitution of Ukraine and articles 16, 22, 94, 201, 277 of the Civil Codex of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Information”, Regulations of the Plenary Court of Ukraine dated on 27.02.2009 №1 “On judicial practice in cases concerning the protection of the dignity and honor of an individual, as well as the professional reputation of a natural person and a legal entity”, the resolutions of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court of Ukraine №4 dated on 31.03.1995 “On judicial practice in cases of compensation for moral(non-pecuniary) harm” the university requests to acknowledge as inaccurate and in violation of its personal non-property right to inviolability of professional reputation, information, disseminated on October 11, 2018, on the television channel "24" and on the website TV channel "24" in the video of the program "CIA" (Center for Investigations of Ukraine), about corruption schemes in the National Technical University of Ukraine " Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute " and transfer of land to developers.

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