Presentation of the book "In Search of Truth: They Were Ahead of Time"

On November 22 a presentation of the book "In Search of Truth: They Were Ahead of Time" and a meeting with its author Ivan Oliynyk was held at Igor Sikorsky KPI.

The author of the book - Colonel-General Ivan Ivanovych Oliynyk dedicated his life to the service in the Strategic Missile Forces. For many years he held command posts: commanding a missile regiment, a division, headed the Perm Higher Military Command-Engineering School of the RVSN named after Marshal of the Soviet Union V. I. Chuykov, for six years he was the head of the "Plesetsk" cosmodrome. He finished his service on the post of Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine on Arms - the Chief of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is the author of three scientific and technical monographs, books on the history of rocketry and rocket troops and numerous articles.

Representatives of the space industry of Ukraine, veterans of the Strategic Missile Forces and cosmodremes Plesetsk, Baikonur and Kapustin Yar, members of Ivan Oliynyk family, as well as teachers and students of Igor Sikorsky KPI took part in the presentation.

"We are honored to greet the true constellation of outstanding people that we see in the hall. Today's event is very important for Kyiv Polytechnic - the presentation of the book of the legendary, without exaggeration, man - the candidate of military sciences, doctor of technical sciences, colonel-general Ivan Ivanovych Oliynyk ", - said the rector of Igor Sikorsky KPI Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mykhailo Zgurovsky at opening ceremony.

The new book by Ivan Oliynyk is devoted to the life and activities of the creators and leaders of domestic rocketry and rocket troops from its beginnings and to the present day. These are the documentary biographies of Oleksander Zasiadko (1774-1837), Yuri Kondratiuk (Oleksander Sharhei, 1897-1943), Konstiantyn Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935), Robert Bartini (1897 - 1974), Serhiy Koroliov (1907) Valentyn Hlushko (1908 - 1989), Mykhailo Yanhel (1911 - 1971), Volodymyr Chelomey (1914 - 1984), Volodymyr Serheyev (1914 - 2009), Volodymyr Utkin (1923) - 2000), Oleksander Nadiradze (1914 - 1987), Lev Liulyev (1908 - 1985) and Mykhailo Reshetniov (1924 - 1996). In addition, the life of the First Commander Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, Chief Marshal of the Artillery Mytrofan Nedielin is presented. As Ivan Oliynyk remarked, the fate of eleven of the thirteen general and chief designers he writes about were closely connected to Ukraine. Moreover, three of them - Seriy Koroliov, Volodymyr Chelomey and Lev Liulyev studied at KPI.

The ex-Defense Minister of Ukraine, Army General Volodymyr Shkidchenko, the fourth general director of SE "Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant named after. O. M. Makarov, former Director-General of the National Space Agency of Ukraine Hero of Ukraine Yuri Alieksieyev; Lieutenant-General, former First Deputy Chief of Arms - Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine former Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Lev Hnatenko, former chief of the Central Missile and Artillery Department of the Main Directorate for Technical Support of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Ivan Tsaryk and others took part in the discussion of the book of Ivan Ivanovych Oliynyk. Everybody highly appreciated the work of the author.

Finally, Colonel-General Ivan Oliynyk handed over his books to the State Polytechnic Museum and the Scientific and Technical Library.

In the photo: Colonel General Ivan Oliynyk talks about the heroes of his books.