Exhibition of Mayuko Kanazawa: Magic Worlds and Modern Technologies

On February 21 the opening of the media art exhibition of modern Japanese artist Mayuko Kanazawa was held at the Exhibition Hall of the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the University's Scientific and Technical Library.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine Shigeki Sumi, the vice-rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Petro Kyrychok, university students and lovers of Japanese art took part in the opening ceremony.

Media art is a type of contemporary art in which the latest digital technologies are actively used. It includes video art, computer graphics, animation, virtual reality, interactive installations, etc. It is the rapid development of technologies and their capabilities that led to the partial migration of modern artists to the "new territories of art" with their new ways of artistic expression.

Thanks to the exhibition of works by Mayuko Kanazawa, the Kyivans for the first time got an opportunity to get acquainted with contemporary Japanese media art, the recognized master of which she is. Actually, not only Kyivans, but also all Europeans, because Kyiv is a starting point of her tour on our continent.

In her works, a young Japanese artist skillfully combines traditional visual techniques with the capabilities of modern digital media tools. Her works are extremely positive. The experience of the illustrator of children's books allows her to bring in a not-too-happy adult world a little joy and color. Her colored paintings have the magic properties to surprisingly "revive" and allow viewers to enter their artistic space. According to Mayuko, she tries to help a person “to dissolve" in nature by means of art, thereby giving her a sense of calm and security. She deepens into the magical pictures of the surrounding life and unobtrusively invites the visitors of the exhibition to recall their unity with them. Specialists believe that the harmonious combination of the potential of the latest technologies and respect for the world in all its manifestations, the interactive works of the artist to a certain extent express the essence of modern Japan.

Unfortunately, the exhibition will only work for two days - February 21 and 22. The next city, whose inhabitants will be able to admire the works of Mayuko Kanazawa, will become Stockholm.

In the photo: Mayuko Kanazawa shows her works to the visitors of the exhibition.