Grant for the implementation of the best student idea

"Inside Out" was organized by the students from the "Coliseum KPI" team headed by Mykyta Upatov. The project is created to help other KPIs projects that just started their way, to find companies and mentors who are ready to invest in ideas and youth. "Inside Out" is planned as a kind of platform where projects and investors will find each other.

The winner's choice takes place in several stages: submitting a project to a website, voting, for which you need to log in via fb. Everyone could support 5 projects, followed 5 projects that got the most votes, went to the final, where the winner was chosen by the jury.

The stage of the speech week was before the final in autumn. The winners and participants attended lectures, in which the professionals in certain, important areas for implementation projects, talk about how to develop the best individual segments. There were also lectures of personal development: Public Speeches (Maryna Prepotenska, Professor of the Department of Philosophy), "Communication - Our Everything" (Maryna Kuzhel, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics), "How to motivate oneself" (Bogdan Kovalyov, the organizer of the business school ). This was the important stage of the project.

In the future, there may be some changes in the stages, their duration, but it is mainly planned to follow this scheme of grants. Project site -

Andrew Klekov, Student of the FPE