In June, 5, Eleventh open international students Olympiad on programming n.a. S.O. Lebediev and V.M. Glushkov «KPI-OPEN 2016» has started in NTUU "KPI".

This is one of the biggest in-person competitions on programming in the world and the biggest in Ukraine. This year, 99 teams from ten countries- Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia and Ukraine took part in this competition. They represent 53 universities. In general, starting with the first Olympiad that was hold in 2006, 2240 students from 16 countries of the world took part in it.

Olympiad is hold according to original rules agreed with international, thereby it is not necessary to to pay registration fee. Both competition rounds and all events envisaged by the Olympiad program are hold in NTUU "KPI". There is no wonder since the moderators are National technical university "Kyiv polytechnic institute" and development group «Vanopl Development Group», under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as well as Cybernetic center of National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

"This Olympiad has already become one of the features of our university. And we are pleased that every year we meet new talented young programmers that try themselves, their competences and abilities here, get acquainted with fellow workers from other countries, establish links with the representatives of the field,- stressed rector of NTUU "KPI", academician of Ukrainian NAS, Mykhailo Zgurovskyi at the opening ceremony.- We know that previous Olympiads played a significant role in lives and career of many its participants.

The title of the best, the Olympiad participants will be obtaining during three quite strenuous days. The jury members will announce the names of the winners and prize winners in July, 8 during awarding ceremony. They are expected to receive sets of classical books on programming by Donald Knuth "The art of computer programming", Smartphone Lenovo A7000 from Gold sponsors Lenovo, video courses gift certificates from Prize sponsor ITVDN, and acoustic systems from Official partner Global Logic. The team that will be defined the best of this year tournament will also receive traditional crystal prize “KPI-OPEN”.

The Olympiad and certainly prize fund formation wouldn’t have been if it hadn’t been for sponsors. This year the following companies became sponsors:

Platinum sponsor – Oro, Inc.;
Gold sponsors – SimCorp, Lenovo and MacPaw;
Official partners– EPAM, NetCracker and GlobalLogic;
Prize sponsor– ITVDN.

Information support of the Olympiad is equally important. One should be grateful for this to information sponsors. These are editions and Internet-resources:,,,, Educational Portal PedPRESS,,,, «Obozrevatel»,, Hi-Tech Pro, «Computer Review»,, «Technoguide»,, PC Magazine Russian Edition,, IT Business Week, Apps4All,, UPgrade,, CHIP, «Speil!», PC world, CyberBionic Systematics,, ComputerPRESS, LITS, iTrend, StatShark,, Kyiv Smart City, Fisit’s News, WannaBiz, StartIT, PCweek Russian Edition, HotWork, and BrainBasket Foundation.

Traditionally, entertainment program of the Olympiad will be varied. It includes – boating on Dniper River, football mini-tournament and Kyiv sight-seeing tour, beach volleyball as well as kayaking. But probably the special feature of the program will be the concert of jazz music JAZZ Spectrum from the art-project OpenARTStage. Such music evenings being the part of Olympiad has been hold since the last year and it might be hold as tradition. This year the concert will be opened by the Indie-pop band SEMMAR and other artists of this genre. The concert will be hold after both Olympiad tournaments have finished before official election of the winners and closing ceremony in June, 7 in the Conference Hall of Academic Board of NTUU “KPI”. The start at 19:00, the entrance is free.

Prize awarding ceremony and official closing ceremony will take place in June, 8 at 12.00 in the Conference Hall of Academic Board of the university.

The Olympiad schedule can be found at the following address
Official site of the KPI-OPEN Olympiad:

The picture of the «KPI-OPEN 2016» Olympiad participants being welcomed by rector of NTUU “KPI”, academician of Ukrainian NAS, Mykhailo Zgurovskyi. At the table are the cofounder of the Olympiad, founder and the manager of «Vanopl Development Group» development group, Ivan Plotnikov, director of Institute of cybernetics n.a. V. M. Glushkov of Ukrainian NAS, general director of Cybernetic center of Ukrainian NAS, Ivan Sergiienko.

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