Energy efficiency begins from childhood

The two-day training seminar for education workers "Energy efficiency in local communities" was held in February, 2017 in the auditorium named after

A.V.Prahovnyka in IEE Energy Training Center. Participants were mainly managers and energy managers of kindergartens and Kyiv and Lviv district administrations, energy-saving and thermorenovational measures were realized in the project "Promotion of social infrastructure." This project is implemented by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund in Kiev with financial support from the German Government.

About 30 students aqcquired new knowledge and increased their skills. The course consisted of lectures, workshops, interactive role plays and group work, also there was a sight-seeing tour.

Educators have shown remarkable creativity in the gaming business, they offered interesting ways to motivate and raise awareness to attract different population on social sites:

  • information campaigns for all ages;
  • contests, plaques, posters, handouts (energy-saving thermometers, brochures);
  • organizing creative competitions on energy saving theme;
  • energy manager corner;
  • buildings certification;
  • informing the local authorities;
  • involving the press, radio, TV;
  • websites, social networks;
  • involving staff, divisions;
  • direct contact (work with parents' committee, children, etc.).                

Audience noted that essential requirement in the development of efficient energy management are motivation, interest, separation employees and civil servants areas of responsibility.

The following methods of motivation are introduced: bonuses, allowances, certificates, promotion at work, reduced working hours, extra day off, health resort voucher, a ticket to a cultural event for the best employees, the contest "Find more"; and penalties for improper implementation of energy policy.

It was pronounced the following benefits when implementing these measures:

  • reducing energy consumption and energy saving;
  • better environmental situation, raising the prestige of the educational institution;
  • reducing the cost of maintenance and maintenance support;
  • improving work conditions;
  • team spirit of staff, children, service users and others.

Students were interested in this subject, asked questions and raised the points. According to the survey, participants highly appreciated the level of information and seminars.

M.M.Shovkalyuk, IEE associate prof.