How to achieve academic success: tips rector's scholarship

In the last session, the names of the new fellows scholarships of the rector NTUU "KPI them. Igor Sikorsky". Undoubtedly, each of them worthy and proud to receive this scholarship, however, each has its own success story.

One of the fellows Maxime Kirichko, student of the 4th course of FEA (Department of automation of Electromechanical systems and electric drive), who this semester receives Vice Chancellor's scholarship. Last session he passed only "A". Students and teachers recognize the ability of Maxim, but I asked him about his personal motives and goals in learning and how it organizes its work to get these great results. I thought it would be interesting to other students. Here's what he told Maxim.

"My story in the CPI was launched in July 2013, when I, as the applicant was determined to study in the best technical University of the Ukraine. That's when I decided on their future profession, having entered the Department AIMS-EP. I was always attracted to electrical engineering, electronics, robots, electric cars and the like, exactly what combines the Department where I study now. Now I'm slowly going to achieve its goal – to get a good, qualified profession, which study new disciplines that not only enhance professional skills but also widen my horizons. In General, I believe that everyone should set a goal and always achieve it, because in life it is important to know what and for what to do. Well, to achieve good current results is very simple. You just need to plan your work and stick to the plan to maximize the use of their time. If you're doing something, we must fully concentrate on it, only then can we achieve success. But, importantly, we should not forget about the rest. For example, I love a variety of games: from intellectual to moving, such as football. I think this is very important, because the rest allows you to recover both physically and psychologically."

In summary, as I understand from a conversation with Maxim, the principal elements of its success: correctly identify the purpose, clear work planning, planning, concentration in fact that is done, the effective use of time, proper rest.

This school year will end for Maxim, as for all students of the 4th course, by the preparation and defense of baccalaureate work. Department EMS-EP, which, incidentally, will soon be 80 years old, very interested in these students as Maxim Kirichko, because strong student potential is a significant component of the Department's achievements.

Maxim we wish further success!

V. M. Pyzhov, Assoc., curator gr. EP-31