A lot of different stories can be found on the pages of KP about achievements of the best students of Kyiv polytechnics – successful researchers, Olympiads and competitions winners and scholarship holders. Everyone has their own way to success. Today, Bohdana Melnyk, 6-year student, FSP, holder of Ukrainian Presidential scholarship speaks about herself.

Dreams tend to come true. My dream has come true and now for 6 years I have been a student of a favorite higher educational establishment that I have dreamt to enter in since I was 5 year school student. To tell the truth I have had some changes in my professional vocation since then: I thought about becoming a mathematician and now I am a Master student of Faculty of Social and Law with a field of study of administrative manager and subject program area – social engineering and sustainable development and I am proud of it.

I come from Starokostiantynivka city that is in Khmelnytska region. I graduated from Starokostiantynivska school № 4 where starting since 8 form I have been a head of students self-government, took an active part in cultural, public and scientific lives of my school. Dozens of singing competitions, sport competitions, physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, Ukrainian language Olympiads and two scientific and research papers in Small Academy of Science are behind me. I am grateful to my parents and teachers of my native school for my fierce desire to study, develop and improve my skills.

With a smile on my face I remember the day when I got to know that I would be a KPI student, my happiness had no limits. With words "KPI is the university that trains the best of the best", Borys Volodymyrovych Novikov, our former dean, opened the door of the faculty for us as freshmen. I believed and still continue to believe; besides I have fierce desire to affirm these words again and again.

Being the student of KPI I continued taking part in public activity. I have been a monitor of the group and the whole class, taken an active part in the life of faculty and university. In particular, I have recently been the participant of international youth forum "Y. I. D. Youth. Integration. Development", that was hold in Republic of Byelorussia. I delivered a speech "Internet and social networking sites as platforms for youth projects realization" (as illustrated by KPI).

Besides, I take an active part in scientific activity, participate in All-Ukrainian and international scientific and practical conferences, round tables, Olympiads, and have around 7 scientific publications. At present under the auspices of Doctor of Philosophy, dean of FSP, Anatolii Anatoliiovych Melnychenko at the Department of Theory and Practice of Management I am working on Master’s Thesis " Strategic foresight as in instrument of social engineering" that is going to be defended in winter. After that I hope to continue my scientific work at the department as postgraduate.

For over two years I have been working in scientific and research center of applied sociology "Socioplus" that operates at our faculty where we study problems of higher education, research social aspect of sustainable development of Ukraine and deal with issues that relate to public opinion in modern society. The combination of my work, scientific and student activities at present not only make my days extremely active but also make me understand that I am moving the right direction.

I believe that studying and work in KPI is the best that could ever happen to me. Just here I realized who I want to be, what I want to do and what is necessary to achieve defined goals. I have found here loyal friends, nice workmates and wise mentors.

Thus, I would like to express my gratitude to teaching staff of the faculty, my colleagues, my own department of Theory and Practice of Management. Special gratitude is expressed to my scientific advisor - dean of FSP, A. A. Melnychenko since it is because of hard work of these people I wake up every day with a wish to know more, work persistently and achieve more.

Bohdana Melnyk, FSP student