Rare books of descriptive geometry

First year students of almost all faculties acquainted with the exhibition of rare books on descriptive geometry during March - April which was deployed in the hall of rare books of STL NTUU "KPI". Collective visits were organized and conducted by teachers of the department of descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics of FMF. The head of the department of rare and valuable books of  STL M.O.Miroshnychenko told students in meaningful, interesting and professional way about the founder of the Polytechnique School in Paris, an outstanding scientist, mathematician and engineer Gaspard Monge, founder of descriptive geometry and about the development of science in the world and its use in engineering practice. Rare editions of textbooks on descriptive geometry written in French, German and Russian in XIX - early XX century were showed.

Descriptive geometry as a discipline exists more than 200 years and  is taught in all the leading universities of the world. It promotes the development of spatial perception and engineer’s creativity which was clearly shown in the work of leading scientists of KPI throughout existence of our university. Also students acquainted with periodicals of XVII-XVIII centuries, atlases of Ukraine and others. In a sign of sincere gratitude teachers of the department gave the old  Dictionary 1898 Edition - contemporary of university to the library.

N.A.Parahina, s.t. of  Dep. on descriptive geometry,
  Engineering and Computer Graphics