The program complex AutoCAD 2016 on TEF

On 11th October there was an important presentation for Engineering program complex AutoCAD 2016 on the Heat-and-Power Engineering Department. The license for AutoCAD and a number of associated with it software products of firm Autodesk gave company "Project Consulting" to the Heat-and-Power Engineering Department, which together with the administration of the Faculty organized a presentation. Its representatives have established in the computer lab of the Heat-and-Power Engineering Department of 20 jobs licensed version of AutoCAD to use it during the educational process.

There were invited to the presentation the representatives of leading design organizations of Ukraine: “SSEC MSER”, “PJSC KIEP”, “Ganza”, “SPKTB ‘Enerhomashproekt’ Ltd” and others. The presentation was led by the Dean of the Faculty prof. Ye.M.Pysmennyy, CEO of the company "Project Consulting" A. Brovko and the Head of Autodesk, which oversees the distribution of AutoCAD licenses in Ukraine A.A.Degtyarenko. By the way, A.A.Brovko and the A.A .Degtyarenko are graduates of the HPED.

During the presentation the representatives of the company "Project Consulting" stressed that due to the course of our country's European integration, project organization, and with them the higher education institutions will be obliged to use European formats design documentation. In this regard, to make the transition as painless as it possible for them, should prepare the appropriate platform.

The participants got acquainted with the main novelties of the program complex AutoCAD 2016 and stressed the need for the establishment of a computer lab of the HPED NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” training courses for users of AutoCAD.

Baranyuk Alexander, senior lecturer of AES and ET of HPED