Kyiv Polytechnics will forecast seismic activity

Creating a model of the Earth's gravitational field based on real-time data from a group of satellites equipped with ultra-sensitive gravimeters is no longer a fantasy. In any case, it is now clear how this can be done. So the only question is how to put this idea into practice.

Media about the records of KPI nanosatellites

Media talked to Vitaliy Pasichnyk, Vice-Rector for Research of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Recently, the state has additionally allocated more than UAH 5 million to complete the development of the student nanosatellite PolyITAN-12U.

PolyITAN-1 nanosatellite in the KPI Museum

On April 12, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Rocket and Space Industry Workers and the International Day of Aviation and Astronautics, which is dedicated to the first human space flight. On this occasion, our museum received a new exhibit - a prototype of the PolyITAN-1 nanosatellite.

Meet: Aerospace Technology Institute. Interview with IAT Director Ivan Korobko

This year, the students of the Aerospace Technology Institute, established in April, also took part in the traditional Freshman Day. “The Kyiv Polytechnician” asked his director, Ivan Vasyliovych Korobko, about the new unit, the tasks facing this educational and scientific unit, as well as about its students and partners.

Lecture by a professor from Turkey

On 3rd October, Professor of High Physics of Middle East Technical University (Ankara), Dr. Bilge Demirkoz, gave a lecture on “Center for Space Radiation Research in Turkey: Collaboration with CERN” for teachers, scientists and students of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

News from space orbit

Six months ago, on May 26, a poly-satellite "PolyITAN-2-SAU" was launched into the near-Earth orbit. This is already the second nanosatellite, designed and manufactured at the Igor Sikorsky KPI under the guidance of Senior Researcher, Candidate of Technical Science Borys Rassamakin.

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