FEL sixth graders Vladimir Perevertaylo became a scholar of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Present achievements of the young man is absolutely logical step in his life since childhood Vladimir was curious child, curiously attitude to the everything in whole world, not omitting details. Support and encouragement from his mother, Galina Mikhailovna became the basis for creative development and growth.

Vladimir graduated with honors secondary school №46 in Kyiv. When the question arose about continuing education between the two universities, KNUCA or "KPI", chose the last, which, according to the student, for it really always comes first. Today studying at the department of electronic instruments and devices, completely plunged in the world of electronics. 2014 received a bachelor's degree with honors in "Electronics".

Vladimir motto of life is the idea: "The success of each individual leads to general prosperity of the country." Paving his life, he listens to the call of the heart and pay attention to the needs of society. According to Vladimir, today education - "is something that enriches my humanity, my outlook and attitude to everything that surrounds me, the ability to create and enhance, assist and find something ... This approach is similar to my childhood, but at a higher level when I'm not just interested, but also embody the acquired knowledge. The whole learning process was fairly consistent: bachelor thesis is part of a master's thesis, which in turn - part of dissertation for the degree of doctor of philosophy, I go prepared for the world of contemporary changes and surprises are not always pleasant. "

But life is not limited to education, rest must necessarily be, and - this is basketball! For Vladimir it is not just game - it's part of life. Team collaboration - it is what, in his opinion, is missing in our society.

Vladimir belongs to the type of people who are looking at the world, sees possibilities, not limitations. Because basketball is not only among his sporting tastes: he loves cycling, fitness, rowing, skating, including inline, snowboard, ski, skateboard ... also like to express themselves in verse. And he especially likes the fact that it is impossible to put into words, but you can show how little the history of life - this is photo (indescribable, special, unique, one lives only for the moment).

Talking about future plans, Vladimir said: "To make the world a better place, we should at least not make it worse. Then, the acquired knowledge and experience I will achieve the desired goal, which will be part of the happy future of our country and sustainable development".

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