At the annual international exhibition "UN Technology Fair 2015", organized by the United Nations, held 23-24 April 2015 at the support of UN peacekeeping missions in Spain, was first presented innovative products scholars "KPI". They demonstrated the company "Polytec-Aero", the official partner of the corporation "Scientific park" Kyiv Polytechnic ".

The number of participants of this event is limited, selected the best of the best, those "who its innovative technology can help realize the main task of UN peacekeeping missions - to make our world safe for life, prevent conflict, to bring peace to the well-being and prosperity," as stated in his welcoming speech Dmitry Dovgopol, director of software Council.

The exhibition was represented by two of our innovative products - unmanned aircraft complex "Spekteytor" and a portable water purification system "Owl". These developments praised Atul Khare, Assistant Secretary General of the UN field support, who visited the exhibition. As the chief designer of "Polytec-Aero" Roman Karnaushenko, "our unmanned complex in no way inferior to present world standards, and in some ways - in particular, the presence of the parachute landing, a digital communication channel, duration of flight - even superior to them" .

Directors of UN peacekeeping missions in Africa, where the problem of safe and affordable water is particularly acute, noted the advantages of a portable water purification system "Owl". According to the mission, installing water treatment they use today consume a lot of energy, and for one liter of clean water has to deliver to the place of purification few liters of fuel. In addition, the analogs have large dimensions, which greatly complicates their delivery in remote areas - laying corridor delivery and site preparation take up to six months. So visitors especially appreciated the full autonomy of any energy and compact size "Owls."

The development of its innovative products the company "Polytec-Aero" has the support of scientific and technological development of Ukraine. Academician V.S.Myhalevycha and State Concern "Ukroboronprom." As an official partner of the Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" the company is able to carry out all the necessary scientific and technical research with the involvement of virtually any engineering industry best universities of the country.

In addition to unmanned aircraft systems and water purification, the world's leading high technology from Japan, Germany, France, Spain and the United States also presented solutions in alternative energy, shvydkozbirnyh structures, field medicine, optics and satellite communications. Participation of "Polytec-Aero" in "UN Technology Fair 2015" allowed once again to present Ukraine as a country with high innovation potential, offering high-quality innovative products competitive in the international market.

Ksenia Borysiuk-Barbash

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