On Saturday, November 14 in the “Nivki-hall”, that located at the Perenohy ave.,84, took place Forum “Successful 11th-grader” – a huge educational event, which came together experts in preparation for testing, representatives of the best universities and human resource managers of leading companies of Ukraine. The aim of the meeting is to give every applicant as much information about the possibility of entering into desirable university and creating successful career.

NTUU “KPI” also took part in this forum. Near banner KPI representatives of our university shared with visitors handouts, talking with applicants and their parents and detailed answered on questions about specialties, equipping classrooms and laboratories, new technology learning using computer networks, admissions to the university and so on.

Organizer of the Forum, the educational company ZNOUA, also took place for applicants and their parents trainings and workshops that help applicants identify predisposition to particular profession.

Photo: At the booth NTUU “KPI” at Forum “Successful 11th-grader”

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