February 17, 2015 at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty there has been an event, which was expected by students and teachers. This day a newly renovated classroom 421 in the 7th building, was opened. In this room there will be carried out a training on a new specialty "The insurance and financial mathematics."

The the first vice-rector NTUU "KPI" YI Yakimenko and Vice-Rector of the University of the city Ulm (German Federal Republic) U.Shtadtmyuller cut the ribbon on the opening ceremony. The  procedure was attended by students and teachers of the department of mathemaical analysis and probability theory of physics and mathematics faculty. The presence of colleagues from Ulm is directly linked with the new specialization, because an agreement between universities, signed in November 2014, envisages an exchange of students and teachers of the Institute of Insurance Mathematics (Ulm) and FPM, a joint management thesis and master's thesis in the field of insurance mathematics.

Opening the ceremony, Y.I. Yakimenko noted that even in such difficult time the University finds the opportunities to prepare the professionals needed in the labor market. He noted that the appearance of such modern classroom was made possible through the combined efforts of the department and faculty, which initiative was supported by the University. U.Shtadtmyuller remembered the close scientific collaboration between experts of the two universities and organization of joint conferences in Ukraine and Germany. After signing in November 2014 Agreement on cooperation between universities it was appeared the opportunity to exchange students and graduate students. In a joint project, under preparation, it will be envisaged that the parties will attempt to agree on a program for the issue of double degree students.

Dean of FPM V.V. Vanin thanked the guests for their support and assistance in establishing fruitful contacts and expressed hope that the cooperation will be extended to other specialties. The head of an insurance company, a graduate of the FPM 2005 G.V.Doroshenko spoke about the existing relations between the company and of mathematical analysis and the probability theory and supported the opening of a new specialization. It is worth noting that last year, for the first time, students did the practical work in her insurance company.

After the official ceremony U. Shtadtmyuller answered questions from students who were interested in the practical aspects of obtaining dual diplomas. He also spoke about the city of Ulm, where Kepler worked and Einstein was born.

Already now, the students in the department of mathematical analysis and the probability theory listen the special courses on the theory of financial mathematics and the theory of risk hedging. The specialized courses of the features of the insurance of movable property and human life will start soon. It is planned to attract practitioners to conduct classes with students and management thesis.

Z.P. Ordinska, Associate Professor MA and PT

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