Educational innovations: the third generation test machine

Availability modern laboratory stands and educational technology has always been an indicator of quality of teaching technical subjects, which benefits our university distinguished among other universities, especially private, confirming the high level of responsibility and professional attitude to their duties of management "KPI" and their teachers.

almost no doubt that only the presence of modern teaching and laboratory facilities and technology makes it possible to prepare highly skilled professionals that meet the modern demands of employers. A proper quality teaching and laboratory equipment helps teaching staff to build properly the educational process. Creating advanced multifunctional laboratory stands allows to improve the learning process, as advanced laboratory equipment makes it possible to verify in practice the theoretical knowledge, and most importantly - to work out some practical experience even in university classrooms.

Institute of Applied Electronics, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on public order (contract number DZ/472-2011 from 29.09.2011, the period of performance 2011-2012, Research Director - Academician of NAS of Ukraine Yu.I.Yakimenko, the perpetrators - Associate AT Orlov) made development ", electronic digital laboratory for teaching scientific and natural and biomedical sciences in schools I-IV accreditation levels. "Experimental laboratory sample email that contains a number of sensors of physical quantities, the unit of data collection software created user documentation and guidelines for the development of new laboratory work.

results of this work are introduced in the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management "KPI" during the development cycle of laboratory work in "systems of power electronics in the power industry." In this case, we used a set of electronic laboratory consisting resolved from the electrical current sensor transformer type device for data collection and software.

by the Institute of Applied Electronics "KPI" and the educational process at the Department of the Institute of electricity saving and energy-rich test machine applies to the stands third generation, is controlled by computer and contains its device connections (interfaces) with the object of study. This stand has no analog or digital measurement devices and their functions are performed by current transformer type sensors that are connected to the input channel device connection. Next, the data is transferred to the computer from which the control object. The generated control signals fed to the actuators through output modules connect to the device objects (digital-to-analog converters). P>

With the developed multifunctional stand can define the following network parameters: spectral composition and shape of the current amplitude and rms currents waveform currents, the shape factor, the current change in time, frequency, amplitude values of current harmonics, harmonic distortion.

After analyzing these variables it is possible to draw a conclusion about the nature of the impact of higher harmonics generated by power electronics devices to work different types of electricity consumers and to check whether these values with European norms. p>

The research results An additional advantage of the laboratory model of the third generation is that students gain practical experience working with modern software LabView open platform company National Instrument, which is considered the global standard in measuring technique as in education and in the industry.

While educational use of the stand almost completely changed the role of the experimenter. The experimenter is freed from all the routine operations (removal and initial data entry devices, processing the results, build dependencies - all this makes the computer) and can focus on the creative issues of finding optimal solutions, analysis of dependencies.

becomes possible previous simulation studied physical processes in electrical power systems, which makes the procedure more experimental finding meaningful and productive. You can explore both static and dynamic performance of the multi-channel control modes with quite complex algorithms.

assumed further use of electronic digital learning lab for modernization of laboratory work in other subjects taught in NTUU "KPI". To improve the quality of technical education and raising it to the European level requires not only qualified teachers, but also various practical learning tools, as technical education is impossible without organization and laboratory work using real research facilities. It is now at the forefront the need to prepare not just educated professionals who have in one way or another store of knowledge, and above all the people who can think creatively, are able to respond quickly to any unusual situation, constantly improve their knowledge and use their in practice.

V.Rachytskyy, IESEM, gr. MA-92