Scientists and researchers have made a list of the most beautiful places in the world, including only five European: Norwegian fjords, Swiss mountain Jungfrau - ice kingdom in central Europe, the Balkan Pearl - Plitvice Lakes, Italian Lake Garda and Ukrainian Carpathians - including Valley of daffodils, beech forests and highlands. During May holidays students of KPI had an opportunity to travel the paths of CBR where there are beech forests - the largest area in Europe: trees of 100-500 years, up to 40 m and a diameter of over a meter. In 2007 this area of 20 thousand hectares consisting Ukrainian-Slovak nomination "Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians" was included in the World Natural Heritage of UNESKO. The relative inaccessibility and lack of rivers suitable for rafting, protected it from cutting and preserved to this day. Trees in the upper part of Small and Big Uholka survived. Like thousands of years ago, the trees grow to giant size, dry, fall to the ground, becoming food for small fry and releasing the path to light for younger trees. Only here you can see both young trees and gigantic beech fantastic proportions. Instead of grass and undergrowth - half-meter piling up pillows of moss, fungi, dead trunks, which are teeming with life. In protected areas Jurassic limestone obtained in the form of rocks and karst caves are on the surface of, the number of which is over thirty. Among them, the biggest cave in the Carpathians "Friendship" (another name - "Romagna") with the length of 1.5 km with a vertical descent, home to 8 red species of bats; unique natural arch "bridge Karst" which until recently served as a pagan temple; cave "Milk stone", where they found the remains of a settlement of primitive man older than 20,000 years. Routes that tourists visited do not belong to widely publicized, there are often visited by researchers and student interns, recently - foreign. Especially interesting was to climb on Falcon Byrd (Falcon ledge) and see views over Romania, climb up along the Big and go down Small Uholka, see the work of trout farm and catch fish for dinner, visit the unique Museum of Mountain Ecology and communicate with employees of CBR - experienced professionals, enthusiasts of the business.