News of science

Сovid-19: Autumn-winter Pandemic Outbreak

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists have published the results of a study of the features of the outbreak of the Сovid-19 pandemic in the early autumn-winter period.

The planning of underground infrastructure of big cities

Project “Toolkit for planning underground infrastructure of large cities to ensure the minimization of environmental and man-made risks of urban space based on a systematic methodology”, scientific overseer - Corresponding member of NASU, Deputy Director for Research of IASA N.D. Pankratova.

Basic science is the basis of technical and social progress

Following the results of 2019, the head of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Compounds (OXTOR), Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Andriy Arturovych Fokin has once again become the leader of our university in publishing.

A unique remote monitoring of soils is being developed at XTF

Наукова тематика, за якою Т.А.Донцова працює на кафедрі, досить різноманітна. Це, зокрема, синтез наноматеріалів на основі оксидів титану, стануму, цирконію, феруму, цинку  та їх використання у водоочищенні, сенсориці та каталізі.