The Patriarch of Ukrainian Science, the renowned student of Kyiv Polytechnic Boris Paton is 101 years old!

Dear Boris Yevhenovich, the represents of all Kyiv polytechnic generations sincerely congratulate you on your birthday!

Your holiday is also ours because you are one of the most respected members of our family. Your father, the famous scientist and engineer Yevhen Oskarovich Paton, has worked for over 35 years here. Your family has lived on the KPI area for many years, so you grew up in the creative atmosphere of the scientific and technical creme de la creme, and it was within our walls that you got higher education. You defended your diploma theses on June 22, 1941. Despite the fact that fascist`s aircraft have already attacked the surrounding enterprises and you with your classmates almost died under aerial bombardment, you defended your diploma with flying colors! 

And, also in this place, being already young, but at the same time, the famous scientist you have defended your Ph.D. thesis in 1945, and the doctoral thesis in 1952. 

A few years later you headed the Electro-Welding Institute, keeping your father's career. Under your leadership and with your immediate participation, rigorous researches are carried out and the development of new technologies in the field of electro-welding, metallurgy and metal technology is designed. Because oh this, Ukraine is at the avant-garde of world science today.

A huge part of your life is related to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which was founded when you were born. You have headed it, being very young and have been remaining her unchanged President for more than 57 years. In the NAS of Ukraine, it is concentrated on the most powerful intellectual potential of our people. They are scientists who give more glory and prestige for Ukraine, facilitate its economic independence. 

Your activity is extremely important for the promotion of our country in the international space of science and high technology. Being the wise leader and organizer, you are worth to be respected for your colleagues and people close to your way of thinking. 

However, in spite of the enormous amount of work and your being absorbed in the development of national science and socio-political life of the country, you have never lost connection with your alma mater. We appreciate your kind treatment of your younger colleagues and friends. 

Please, accept our sincere wishes for health and long life. And let every day be full of creative inspiration, family warmth, and new essential achievements! Please accept our sincere wishes for health and a long life. And let every day be full of creative inspiration, family warmth, and new essential achievements!

Happy birthday, dear Boris Yevhenovich!

On behalf of the Kyiv Polytechnic students team with reverence for you,

Michael Zgurovsky, the rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.