Stories, anecdotes, aphorisms, jokes: STUDENT


  • Being a student is good, learning only prevents.
  • I decided not to pursue an alarm. May God decides, I go to the first couple, or not 
  • A distinctive feature of student: do not know, but remember!
  • Give a student a foothold and he fell asleep.
  • Help Lose Weight! Take over your lunch and dinner. Student Petrov.
  • Nothing makes facial expressions student so absurd as to obtain a ticket for the exam!
  • Old student tradition: Every year my friends and go to the session. And steam there ...
  • The student knows the subject in two cases: either not yet rented, or already passed.
  • The student full-time offices after a long feast woke up on correspondence.
  • Student - Sleepy Theoretically Smart Child Naturally not want to Study.
  • The students - people who are balancing between the army and higher education.
  • A student can not marry. It will only deal with his wife - he will tails. It will only deal with education - there will antlers. And will do and both of them ... pass away!)
  • Students toast to the parents: "For those who think that we are studying!"
  • The student two holidays: New Year and every day.
  • If a student wants to learn, so recruitment office is not working.
  • If you want to learn - lie down, get some sleep and everything goes.))