Results of Monitoring of readiness for the Educational Process from September 1, 2022

10,521 out of 14,562 (~72%) university students and 1,995 out of 2,500 (~80%) members of academic staff took part in the monitoring of Students and Teachers’ readiness for Various Modes of Implementation of the Educational Process from September 1, 2022.

According to the monitoring results, 69% of students have the opportunity to study only remotely; almost 21% are ready to study in face-to-face or mixed format. There is a part of students who will not be able to start studying at all; it is equal to 0.6%.

The situation with teachers is different: 61% are inclined to work in face-to-face or mixed mode; almost 25% are ready to teach only remotely. 14% of teachers cannot yet decide on a teaching mode.

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