Borys Paton State Award

In the interview of Borys Paton to our newspaper on the occasion of the centenary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, he said: ‘Working at the Academy has always been something much more than just work. It is a way of life and the life itself.’

It was the motto of the man who has done so much for science and the whole country. Boris Yevhenovych Paton has also worked a lot to promote science. Our publication has every reason to be proud of the fact that for more than 20 years, the bright scientist and the Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences headed the Supervisory Board of the first and so far the only science newspaper in Ukraine - “Svit” (“The World”). 

Time shows real and majestic things in a new light. Therefore, the fact that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on establishing the Borys Paton State Award means a fair assessment of Borys Yevhenovych Paton's contribution to the development of Ukrainian and not only Ukrainian. The law provides renaming of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology to the Borys Paton State Award to memorialize a prominent Ukrainian scientist and science manager. 

In March, the NASU members initiated and established the Borys Paton Charitable Found. The Fund implements programs and activities on a “Paton basis” and develops Ukrainian society in the humanitarian, scientific, and educational spheres. 

The immeasurable cultural and scientific heritage of Borys Paton needs careful preservation and study. Moreover, we need to preserve and develop Paton's traditions and approaches to the solution of many scientific problems, especially in education and, of course, the support of talented youth.

Therefore, the NASU supported the Foundation. The Academy considers its activities relevant and significant not only for science but also for society in general. Academician Anton Naumovets, a well-known scientist and 2016 First Vice President of the NASU, was elected the Fund Chairman.