Volk Singing Theatre of amateurs “ETA” is 60!

On the 1st of April, 1959, the fourth-year student of the Mechanical Faculty of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Vitaly Ivashchenko, founded a student theatre of variety miniatures, which was called the Variety Theatre of Emotions – “ETA” (in Ukrainian). The theatre has delivered thirty performances, received many high prizes in folk art competitions and festivals of theatrical art, toured dozens of cities of the Soviet Union, and performed five times in Poland and Bulgaria.

On the 1st of April, 2019, ETA celebrated its 60th anniversary with the performance of comic miniatures “Life” on the stage of the Culture and Arts Centre of our university. The audience again could see, you can say, the classic miniatures “First Lecture in the first year”, “Lecture on the third year”, “Balka”, “Party”, “Examiner”, as well as more modern – “Talk show”, “Be male”, ”Investor”, as well as an excerpt from the student’s opera “Exams are My Love”.

The current students were Elena Shibun, Tetyana Pashkovska, Ivanna Marchuk, Vladislav Kovtun, Nastya Babich, George Bunechko, Olena Chumak, Dmytro Yanyuk, Veronika Kolomiyets, and the veterans of the theater - Galina Lobacheva, Volodymyr Yanchuk, Lyudmila Kurshpetova, Volodymyr Ivashchenko, Oleg Slinkov, Vyacheslav Vasilyuk, Georgy Firstov, Irina Sosyukina, Yuriy Nechunayev. As always, in some miniatures played the artistic director of the theater Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Vitaliy Ivashchenko and theater director Honored Teacher of the Igor Sykorsky Kyiv Poytechnic Institute, associate professor, Ph.D. Yevgeny Ivashchenko.

During the break, the theater was congratulated and awarded the rewards of the pro-rector of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Petro Kirichok and representatives of the Kyiv City Center for Folk Art and Cultural Studies Galina Stepanenko and Volodymyr Fedorov.

Vitaliy Ivashchenko explains the name of the theatre of ETA. Estradny (Variety) - therefore, democratic, understandable everywhere and all, relevant, mobile, interesting and fun. Theatre - since its supreme task is to study the life of the human spirit in the form of interesting drama and artistic images. Amateurs - those who are skilled and lovingly engaged in a business that is not their profession, but is their vocation. In addition, the Greek letter "eta" in technology denotes the coefficient of usefulness - a symbol and a stimulus to perfection.
Those who have not been able to visit the show can view it at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wX9zIFETas. In order to get acquainted with the history of the theater the information can be found on the site: http://eta.kpi.ua.

We wish the theatre new creative achievements!