Department of Heat Engineering and Energy Saving (TE), IEE

Department of Heat Engineering and Energy Savin (TE) prepares spesialists in heat engineering (6.050601– «Heat power engineering») who obtain speciality «Energy management». Most of lecturers are high skilled and PhD or Doctors of Engineering.

Heat power engineering education – is a sysem of education of bachelors in power engineering for different branches of national economy, who work in the field of generation, conversion, power transmission, distribution and consumption of different forms of energy.

After obtainment of basic higher education, bachelors, on competitive basis, con-tinue education to obtain higher education of “Energy management”, in the training program of spetialist (7.05060105) or master (8.05060105) «Energy management».
Students, who obtain basic bachelor grounding, are well educated in heat engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, energy audit, heat supply , electric power supply, energy saving, economics and management.

Graduates can work in public institutions, scientific institutes and enterprises, which work in the field of problems of analysis of consumption and conversion of energy and energy saving, energy audit; in public utility companys, in departments of heat supply, electicity supply, implementation of energy saving technologies; in industrial enterprises in department of head power engineering and in enterprises which produce and sell heat-and-power engineering equipment.

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