Department of Heat Engineering and Energy Saving (TE), IEE

Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy Saving KPI them. Igor Sikorsky, together with other departments of the IEE, carries out preparation of Bachelors (3 years 10 months) under the certificates of external studies, Bachelors (2 years 10 months) with the diploma of the Junior Specialist, Masters in Educational and Scientific the program (1 year 9 months), the Masters for the educational-professional program (1 year 4 months) and postgraduate students (4 years) specialty 144 Heat power engineering, Educational program - "Energy management and engineering of heat-transfer systems".

Training Form - Full-time, part-time (budget, contract).

Heat energy education is the preparation of energy for various sectors of the national economy that are engaged in production, transformation, transfer by distance, distribution and energy consumption in its various forms.

Energy management and engineering of heat-transfer systems is the management of energy production and distribution systems, the integration of fundamental research in science and engineering in professional activity, introduction into production of innovative engineering developments.

Students obtaining a bachelor's degree receive a qualitative education in heat engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and programming, energy audit, heat and power supply, energy saving, economics and management.

Graduates can work in state institutions, research institutes and firms that solve energy saving problems and engage in energy audits; in communal enterprises with district and local administrations in departments for provision of heat supply, power supply, implementation energy-saving technologies; at industrial enterprises in the departments of chief power engineer and in any companies engaged in the production and selling heat and power equipment, non-traditional and renewable energy sources.

Specialists in this area are trained by the Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy Conservation, which has qualified teachers, most candidates and Doctors of Technical Sciences.

Head of the Department: Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Dashko Valery Ivanovich