The scientific conference "Applied mathematics and computing" aims to create conditions for master's students to test the results of scientific research as part of the completed master's thesis. In addition, the conference provides an opportunity for graduate students to publicize the results of their research. Junior year students who are actively engaged in scientific work also have the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Based on the materials of the conference, a collection of abstracts of reports is published. The best reports are recommended for publication in the magazine "Scientific news of NTUU "KPI"". Three sections are working at the conference - "Applied Mathematics", "Computer Science, Computer Engineering", "Information Technologies, Software Engineering".

Theme of the conference

  • applied mathematics and applied solutions;
  • applied mathematics in IT technologies;
  • system engineering of organizational systems informatization projects;
  • modeling of complex systems;
  • hardware and software of computerized and computer systems and networks;
  • components and devices of computing equipment and control systems;
  • computerized technological processes and information and measurement systems;
  • parallel and distributed computing systems and networks;
  • technical diagnostics, testing, reliability and fault tolerance in computer technologies;
  • data encoding and compression;
  • protection of information in information and communication systems;
  • physical-technological, algorithmic, logical and language-program bases of designing technical and software tools;
  • databases and knowledge, intellectual analysis and information processing;
  • information repositories and information collectors;
  • system programming, operating system design technologies;
  • technology of software design of computer systems;
  • components of artificial intelligence in technical systems;
  • multimedia computer tools;
  • web technologies;
  • computer graphics.