Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics (TPE), FMM

The department of theoretical and applied economics (TAE) holds preparation to the special “Staff management and work economics”. Licensed volume set is: 80 people – full-time training, 50 – extramural studies.

“Staff management and work economics” – is relatively brand new direction, which belongs to the discipline “Economics and enterprise” and it is a rather prestigious and highly rare specialty under condition of market model. This is because demand of such experts increases every year, as efficient operation of any organization depends on joint team work, which must be given by staff manager specialist. It should be noted that functions of staff manager have significantly expanded (he is doing not only traditional HR Administration but also modeling of new workplaces, development and staff motivation), but also its status leveled up (modern staff managers are members of senior company management and take part in Strategic Business Management). These changes are caused by attitude of employers to the staff in general, and now it is accepted as one of the main competitive company advantages on market.

The chair professors take classes on 13 fundamental basic and regulatory disciplines on 2-5 year of study, including economics and production organization, money and credit, accounting and auding, credits, finances; banking; Accounting; Banking basics; Economic theory; Finance business communications; statistics; financial management; enterprise basics.

The main directions of scientific work in TAE is analysis and research of the problems and specifications of state regulation of economy in market condition; formation and realization of all the ownerships, economic policy, methods of managing development of science and technology, system and process modeling and their optimization in credit and financed sphere of manufacturing, development of human’s capital on enterprises.