Department of Physics of Metals (KPM), IMZ

After the Second World War sharply increased the need in qualified professionals for industry and science. Dilapidated universities of Ukraine quickly recovered and received the state order for training engineering, scientific and pedagogical staff. The first applicants to the specialty "Physics of Metals" newly organized Department of Engineering Physics CPI accepted in 1948. The faculty included in its composition such specialties as: "Technical Electronics" and "Physics of Dielectrics." Faculty existed until waged general educational and general technical training of students. However, the lack of material resources for training specialists forced institute's leadership to disperse groups of Engineering Physics faculty in related specialties of other departments.

So, were transferred into care of the department of metallurgy and heat processing of KPI's metallurgical faculty, groups of the first three courses for profiling in "Physics of metals". This happened in 1952. By this time, department of metallurgy and heat processing, headed by academician V.M. Svyechnykov, was reorganized - at its base was founded department of metallurgy under his leading and new department - the heat processing of metals and physicists of metals, managed by Professor V.N. Grydnyev. For introductions the educational process were invited from Ural Polytechnic Institute V.G. Permyakova and left to work as an assistant of department's alumnus O. B.Bilotskoho. In the trainingof specialists attended by such great scientists as academicians A.A. Smirnov, G.S. Pisarenko and (part-time) member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.G. Lesnik, professors D.I. Lisak, I.J. Dekhtyar and others.

In 1959 V.G. Permyakov doctorated. At the department intensified work to improve the scientific and educational level of young teachers through graduate school preparing highly qualified personnel.

Next 10-15 years, the department brought authority and popularity because of deepening the level of training of young specialists both by skillful organization of educational process and through systematic training of scientific and teaching staff and graduate students productive work. Over the years in the department developed new original modern methods and equipment to study the structure and properties of metallic alloys.

In 1972, at the department defended doctoral O.V. Bilotskyy and M.V. Belous. For research and development Professors O.B. Bilotskomu and V.G .Permyakov was awarded by D.K. Chernoff's reward.Wide development at the Department received new scientific direction - the obtaining and research of thin metal laminas. Presiding over this area were professor. M.V. Belous and Ph.D. S.I. Sidorenko.Soon the department have been some organizationaly changed. Professor M.B. Belous became the head of the Department of General Physics, however and today works at the Department of Physics of metals (by contract) to teach a number of key lectures.The department of physics and thermal processing of metals, that produced two academic groups of Thermal processing egnineers and one group of Metal Physics, there was a tendency to expand technological training instead of Metal Research.Many research institutes of NAS of Ukraine were completed by KPI graduates in "Physics of metals" specialty. Therefore, the leadership of NASU, individual institutions were interested in getting a good replenishment with young professionals.Given by the NAS of Ukraine offers to improve the level of training of Metal Physics in CPI was decided to form an independent department of physics of metals.

In 1975 , such department was organized. It was led by Professor O.B. Bilotskyy. Working curricula were reviewed, composed complex preparation plan with involvement of leading scientists of NAN and the use of its material base in the educational process.For many years part-time at the department worked Academician V.V. Nemoshkalenko and A.P. Shpak, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine V.G. Cherepin, S.O. Firstova Professor L.N .Larykov and others. Widely used unique equipment, laboratory and production facilities for training, implementation projects and dissertations (currently Combine - professors working with young doctors of NASU Podrezov Y.M. (IPM) Kotrechko S.O. and W.M. Nadutov M. (IMP)).Basic training institutes for training of Metalphysics in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Material are Institute of Materialstudie's problems named after Frantsevich (IPM), Institute of Metal Physics named after G.V. Kurdyumov (IMP), Institute of Electricwelding named after E.O. Paton.Since then, the Department of Metal Physics was one of the best departments of KPI. Each year, from 25 up to 40% of graduates received diplomas with honors. Since 1953, the department issued more than 1,100 professionals. Of these, about 60 people become DoS, every fourth graduated - PhD. Among them are scientists, engineers, researchers, teachers.
Manifestation and continuation of these traditions have been suggestions of Prof. Head of Department. Sidorenko S.I. during his work in the Ministry of Education (1995 - 1999 years) to deepen cooperation NAS of Ukraine and universities, about organization of physical and technical education in Ukraine.

Since 1991 the department is headed by Professor S.I. Sidorenko. During this period, continue to strengthen ties with the Institute of NASU. In a short period of time, significantly enriched teaching and laboratory facilities department, intensified computer training of students receiving (state order) for 1 course increased up to 30 people .; developed computer technology of studying. Continuing modernization of the curriculum, aimed at further improving the overall fundamental and special training of students.

Since 1995, the department began training of specialists from the second specialty: "Engineering Materials" (bachelor), "Physical Materials" (master). In 1999, while reducing the State Register specialties specialty "Physics of Metals" was excluded.

Now the department trains specialists in specialty "Engineering Materialsknowladge" and the four specializations: "Physical Materials Science", "Computer Methods in Materials Science", "Biocompatible metallic materials" and "Metallic materials in medicine."
Opening specialization in Computer Materials allowed to enhanced the quality set (Contest entrants in 2000 was 5.7 persons per place), and first in the history of the department to engage in training in contract form 11 students and two undergraduates.

Since 1997 at the Department has been created the laboratory of electronic books in physical and technical disciplines. One of the important results of the laboratory - textbook "Structure of liquid, amorphous and crystalline materials" with the stamp of the Ministry of Education - widely implemented in the educational process to material science majors universities of Ukraine.

Since 1998, by the joint order of the NAS of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraine in the Department established scientific laboratory of diffusion in thin layers of double (NAS of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraine) submission. The organization of this laboratory allowed to beef up joint scientific and educational work department of scientists and institutions NAS of Ukraine.

2000 - 2002 y. With the support of NAS of Ukraine opened new - interdisciplinary - specialization: "Computer Methods in Materials Science", "Biocompatible metallic materials" and "Metallic materials in medicine”.

2004 - 2007 y. Formed computer network department Phys Met Net and powerful bank of electronic resources - the latest knowledge in the field of material science. In training introduced computer technology training.

2005 - 2008 y Strengthened research organization. As a result - protected five master's theses, two doctoral dissertations.. 2006 y. Department's staff with deep respect commemorates outstanding scientist and public figure, a major organizer of educational and scientific sphere in Ukraine Acad. V.N. Grydnyev. A notable event was the opening of the sculptural portrait gor Acad. V.N .Grydnyev. Launched a series of lectures "Scientific heritage of Academician V.N. Grydnyev and problems of metal physics." The first cycle of lectures rad: Deputy Director of the Institute of Metal Physics named after G.V. Kurdyumov NAS of Ukraine academician O.M. Ivasishyn, member. of NAS of Ukraine, Head of the Institute of Materials Science Problems. I.M.Frantsevycha NAS of Ukraine Y.V. Milman.