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Department for educational work

Photo. Yakymenko Yuriy Ivanovych

First Vice-rector, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Professor Yakymenko Yuriy Ivanovych
tel .: 236-20-82, 204-96-34
e-mail: yiy[at]

The Board of science and innovation studies

Фото. Ільченко Михайло Юхимович

Vice-Rector for scientific work, academician of NASU, doctor of technical science, honoured master of sciences and technologies of Ukraine, honoree of State Prize of USSR, Ukrainian SSR and Ukraine in the field of sciences and technology, professor Ilchenko Mykhailo Yukhymovych
phones: 236-62-13, 204-94-05
e-mail: ndch[at]

International Collaboration Department

Vice-Rector for Scientific and Educational Work (Foreign Affairs): Prof. Sergii I. SYDORENKO
Tel.: +38 044 204 91 99
Fax: +38 044 236 09 92
E-mail: sidorenko[at]

Maintenance Department

Address: room 109, building 1, 37, Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv-56, 030056
Reception hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays - 1500-1600
telephone: (044) 236-70-43, fax: (044) 204-82-84,

Department of educational work

Фото. Киричок Петро Олексійович

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical (teaching and educational directions): Doctor of Science, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, professor Kyrychok Peter O.
tel.: 236-42-52
e-mail: dnvr[at]

Legal office

Head of the office: Bezhevez Alla Myhailivna
Address: 03056, Kyiv, Peremohy Ave., 37, building №1, off. 193, 191
Phone: 204-81-34, 236-60-63
Reception hours 14-30 - 16-00 daily
e-mail: pravo[at]


Information service of NTUU "KPI"

Orders and regulations of NTUU "KPI" are published on a dedicated website, accessible from the KPI internal network. Important announcements and materials of University.


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