Історія техніки

Brain-teaser cube

Every year on the third Saturday of September the Ukrainian celebrate the Day of the inventor and innovator. It is greatly connected with our university as ingenuity and innovative activity is an integral part of every engineer's life. It is worth telling that inventions could be different.

From the history of Kyiv bridges

The lecture about the history of Kyiv bridges and the role of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in their creation by famous Kyiv historian Valery Lysenko was the ending of December cycle of historical studios ‘Think about it’, organized by NTB of G.

New exhibit at the State Polytechnic Museum

     In December, the exposition at the State Polytechnic Museum under Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was replenished with a very interesting exhibit - tractor HTZ-15/30. We have got this tractor from the National History Museum of Ukraine.

The conference of science and technology history

On September 29-30, 2016 in the State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI after Igor Sikorsky" was the XV Ukrainian national scientific conference on the subject "Topical issues of science and technology history".