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Кравець В.Ю.

Asteroid Ruygu – yet another space address for Kyiv polytechnic students’ inventions

Mobile Asteroid Surface  Scout

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute got a letter from the director of Institute of space systems of German Aerospace Center (DLR) Andreas Rittveher of such content

Congratulation to the winners of “Research teaching fellow – 2015”, “Young research teaching fellow -2015”, “Leader of year 2015” competitions

Вітаємо переможців конкурсу "Викладач-дослідник - 2015", "Молодий викладач-дослідник - 2015", "Лідер року - 2015"

According to the Academic Board decision of NTUU “KPI”, the lists of winners of university competition in the following nominations: “Research teaching fellow – 2015”, “Young research teaching fellow” and “Leader of the year” have been approved.


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