This is the title of a joint solo exhibition of sculptor Volodymyr Filatov and artist Alisa Anisimova, which opened on November 14 at the H. Synitsa Art Gallery in the KPI Center for Culture and Arts.

The artists presented their works "with a positive attitude". "A kind of art therapy of the present, visitors will be inspired by them," said Victoria Tiotkina, head of the Art Gallery, welcoming the audience. "The synergy of combining sculpture and paintings makes it possible to enjoy art despite the tragic events in the country," said Oleksiy Zhuchenko, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, at the opening of the exhibition. Serhiy Komisarov, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, in his speech emphasized the importance of artistic events in such a turbulent time and thanked the KPI management for the opportunity to showcase works of art to students.

Sculptor Volodymyr Filatov is widely known as the author of the monument to Valeriy Lobanovsky at the Dynamo Stadium. He is the winner of the national program "Person of the Year 2002", the Salvador Dali Prize (2006), the winner of the World Culture Prize (2010, Prague) and the "Master of the World" prize (Seoul, 2011). The artist's work is diverse and versatile, with hundreds of sculptures that are distinguished by special grace and elegance. The master works with bronze, marble, granite, gypsum, etc. He has participated in numerous art exhibitions in Ukraine, France, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, and other countries. "My work," says the sculptor, "is a reflection of my personal reflections and impressions of the world of feelings, beauty and love. I try to convey in plastic what I have experienced and felt as accurately as possible." The artist's works can be found 📋 at the link >>.
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The young artist Alisa Anisimova positions herself as a psychologist, expert physiognomist and hobby artist. She is convinced that art has a positive impact on a person's psychological state, so, according to her, she puts special energy codes in her paintings that can help people solve various everyday problems, develop business, and increase vitality. Maybe that's why lavender, turquoise and blue colors are always present in her works. The artist plans to show her works to soldiers who have been injured and stressed at the front to help stabilize their psyche and get them out of depression. "Psychological practices plus art therapy have a very good effect. This is very, very important in our time. I try to bring out the light in everyone, everyone has something different that will help in this difficult situation," Alisa said. Her artworks and media projects can be found 📋 at the link >> .

Honored Artist of Ukraine Yulia Sak, an actress, director, poet, and presenter, also attended the opening of the exhibition. "I want peace in Ukraine! I want Ukrainians to be happy and the sky over Ukraine to be clear. Our Ukraine is a blossoming country, and I wish that Ukrainian art could also flourish!" she addressed the audience and recited her lyrical poems. She also wrote patriotic lines, including "Prayer in Time of War," which sinks deep into the soul.

Закрий, Маріє, небо. Дай спасіння!
Накрий своїм покровом нас від куль.
Господь, даруй в любові всім прозріння,
Перетвори всі напади на нуль.
Веди бійців, що землю захищають,
Свою сім'ю, родину, Божий дім.
Вони весь рід сьогодні причащають.
Рятуй життя, Господь, героям всім!

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