Educational TV studio: Geometry

Geometry and topology. Topology is a science about geometric properties that are preserved under continuous deformations of figures. In particular, the movie tells about homeomorphism, implied critical points, and Morse topological theory.

Descriptive geometry: projection planes substitution

The movie tells about projective drawing conversions. In particular, about ways of projection planes substitution, calculating the actual size of a segment and the distance between a point and a straight line. It demonstrates graphical schemes and touches upon the main design concepts.

Descriptive geometry: simple forms surfaces intersection

The movie tells about construction of intersection of two cylindrical surfaces, a cone and a prism, two oblique cones, an oblique cylinder and an oblique cone. It demonstrates the application of concentric intersecting spheres method and eccentric intersecting spheres method.

Descriptive geometry: rotation method

The movie tells about one of descriptive geometry methods – rotation method. In particular, about rotation about projecting lines, point rotation about a line.

One-sided and two-sided surfaces

A surface can be presented as many lines. You will learn the difference between the real surfaces and their geometrical idealization, the structure of different figures and the necessity to tell the difference between figure sides.

Volumetric and spatial composition basics

The movie is devoted to regularities of volumetric and spatial forms composition in architecture. It specifies such topics as geometric shape of the form, its size, and mass in architecture, texture, chiaroscuro, position in space, dynamics and rhythm.